Central America Adventures

Adventure travel experiences in Central America are more than exotic tropical jungles and mysterious ancient cultures.

The clear blue waters are a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers, and the eco tours and wildlife watching opportunities are absolutely incredible with the many strange and unusual creatures to see.

And don’t forget the adrenaline pumping experiences like high-flying zipline canopy tours, white water rafting, paragliding and so much more.

For detailed information regarding adventure travel activities in Central America simply click on one of the destinations below. Each has been reviewed and rated according to the most important criteria adventure travelers look for when choosing an experience.

This web site is all about making adventure travel planning easy for you. If you know what activities you’re looking for, the cross-reference information will show you what you can find in each destination.

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Each place listed below has been rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars with five being the best rating possible.

Mayan ruins in Belize
Mayan ruins

Belize – Rating: 4+ stars
When the term “adventure travel” was coined, they must have had Belize in mind. Neatly tucked away between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is a land of overwhelming natural beauty from the crystal clear blue water off the Caribbean shores to the luxuriant green jungles inland. Click here for the full adventure travel review for Belize.

Costa Rica sunset
Costa Rica sunset

Costa Rica – Rating: 5 stars
Costa Rica is an adventure travel Shangri-la in the heart of Central America. The unspoiled beaches stretch for miles along the Pacific and Caribbean waters, the jungles and rainforests are filled with exotic wildlife and the adrenaline-filled adventures will beckon and call as soon as you step foot into the country. Click here for the full adventure travel review for Costa Rica.

Honduras beaches
Honduras beaches

Honduras – Rating: 3 stars
Honduras are perfect for adventure seekers. There are ancient Mayan ruins to be explored in dense green jungles, buried treasure to be found and hard-to-reach areas that many believe still hold on to their secrets. All of this in a land of pristine tropical white-sand beaches, green rolling hills and rushing streams. Click here for the full adventure travel review for Honduras.

Jungle adventures
Jungle adventures

Nicaragua – Rating: 3+ stars
Nicaragua has come a long way in the eyes of adventure travelers. It used to be that the dictatorship natural disasters and civil unrest kept tourists away. Now the government is more stable, and the people have recovered, tourists are rediscovering the quiet unspoiled beaches and enjoying the emergence of eco tours. Click here for the full adventure travel review for Nicaragua.

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