Africa Adventures

When you think of Africa adventures the first thing that may pop into your head is safaris. Understandable.

As far as wildlife goes, a safari is one of the most sought after experiences. The excitement level is sky high with all those ferocious big cats and unusual creatures like the graceful giraffes, powerful silverback gorillas, hard-charging rhinos, water-logged hippos and so many others.

You’ll also find great adventure travel experiences like white water rafting, trekking, paragliding, snorkeling, scuba diving, cultural tours and a long list of other extraordinary activities just waiting for you in Africa.

For detailed information regarding Africa adventure travel experiences simply click on one of the destinations below. Each has been reviewed and rated according to the most important criteria adventurers look for when choosing an experience.

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Each place listed below has been rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars with five being the best rating possible.

Algeria adventure travel
Explore ancient cultures

Algeria – Rating: 3 stars
Algeria is a magical place with a rich history, an exotic allure and an intriguing setting. It’s been a crossroads for many a traveler over the centuries and boasts a unique atmosphere that comes with the many different influences of the peoples who have touched its soul through the years. Click here for the full adventure travel review for Algeria.

The Maasai
The Maasai

Kenya – Rating: 4+ stars
From safaris across the wide open African plains to the exotic allure of the coastal towns with their reminders of the Arabian spice trade, Kenya holidays are one of the most sought after adventure travel experiences in Africa. Click here for the full adventure travel review for Kenya.

Morocco culture
Morocco lets you step back in time

Morocco – Rating: 4 stars
From camel rides through blazing sands to age old cultures and a cuisine that has preserved exotic flavors of antiquity, Morocco can take your overseas adventure travel excursions back centuries in time like few places on earth. Click here for the full adventure travel review for Morocco.

Elephant family - mother and child
Mother and child

South Africa – Rating: 4+ stars
The recurring theme throughout South Africa is diversity. You’ll find it in the people, the culture and the landscapes. The diversity of South Africa certainly extends to its adventure travel experiences where you’ll find all kinds of activities to be enjoyed on the land, in the water and in the air. Click here for the full adventure travel review for South Africa.

Cheetah on the prowl
Cheetah on the prowl

Tanzania – Rating: 4+ stars
The first thing that comes to mind for most people thinking about Tanzania vacations is “safari.” And this land of wide open savannahs is a magical setting for those wanting to view some of the most remarkable wildlife on land. But that’s just the beginning. Click here for the full adventure travel review for Tanzania Vacations.

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